Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where I come from...

Today instead of doing a "Pink and Green Thursday" I decided to link up with Fit, Fierce and Fabulous and do this Me On The Map Post :) Basically a way for bloggers to talk about where we are from. 

Now bear with me cause I am going to jump around a bit here... I moved a few places throughout my 22 years of life. 

I was born in a little town called Mc Calla, Alabama. A small, unincorporated town located in Jefferson and Tuscaloosa Counties which means all the kids in this town don't go to the same schools. It's weird. It's about 30 minutes from Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Right smack dab in the middle. I can't tell  you how many people live there because... we are not incorporated so technically we fall into the category with Bessemer.

Things we are known for: Tannehill State Park (see picture above) and being home to the infamous  Auburn Football player, Bo Jackson. 

So I spent a decent amount of my life in & around the Mc Calla area. My parents both grew up here as well as my grandparents. When I say my entire family is from here, I pretty much mean it. Small town living at it's finest. Can't go anywhere in the town without seeing someone you know or are related to somehow. 

About high school time I moved to the 251. And that my friends is South Alabama. I moved to this oasis on the coast... 

Gulf Shores, Alabama. 

The beaches are quite beautiful and there is no where on earth quite like the 251. I lived right near the beach but went to high school over on the Eastern Shore.

Fairhope High School -- got to share some Pirate Pride! 

Fairhope is really nice. The perfect quaint little town. There is a nice downtown shopping area and even a little "French Quarter." You might have seen it on Diners, Dives and Drive In's featuring a local place, Panini Pete's.

It was founded as a Utopian community. Now it's home to a lot of retirees and rich folks. The neighboring Point Clear community (which is still techically Fairhope), is beautiful and The Grand Hotel is breathtaking.The eastern shore (of Mobile Bay) served as a place for wealthy families from New Orleans and Mobile to summer as far back as the early 1800's.

Now here are my college towns.... 

I started off in Tuscaloosa, AL at The University of Alabama

That picture right there, my friends... is really all I need to show ya. You can see the stadium and parts of sorority row and the old frat row. 

 I ended up in Mobile, AL at The University of South Alabama. Mobile is an awesome town. Seriously. Can't wait to move back there, one day.

Now that's the down town area -- not exactly where I lived and went to school but I sure did spend a lot of time down there. Downtown is the epicenter for Mobile Historic Mardi Gras and the home to my favorite bars :)

Somehow through all my journeys I ended up here... 

Right where I started. Good Ole Mc Calla. I might not have lived in the biggest, fanciest towns or cities but I love the places I have been. I know there are a few more to add on to the list... later down the road. 



Portuguese Prepster said...

Loved hearing about your hometown!

Jules said...

I’ve never been to Alabama, but have always wanted to visit. There is something about the South that makes me feel like I belong there. I went to South Carolina over the summer and could see myself living there. It is completely different than the North, as I’m sure you know. The town you grew up sounds like a wonderful place to live and even raise a family. The Gulf Shores sound beautiful and I’ve heard the beaches are so nice. The stadium at your university rivals that of an NFL stadium. Wow.

I think it’s kind of cool you’ve lived in a bunch of different places all within the same state.

Lindsey Leigh said...

@Jules the south is great! You should come on down for a visit. Yes, the stadium at Alabama is big buttt its actually bigger now. That was before the most recent expansion. I think it holds 10,000+ more. Not sure on the number. Thanks for the sweet comment though :)

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