Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Loves!

So I have found a new love for ... I get emails from them when they are running specials and last week their certificates were like 70% off (wed. or thurs, can't remember). If you aren't familiar with how the website works most of the time the certifs are worth $25 (or more depends on restaurant's options) and you only pay $10. I think it is a way for new, struggling or even just not very busy restaurants to get business. Anyways,  with them being 70% off of $10 that makes them only $3... for $25 of food! Some of them have restrictions like to use the $25 cert you have to buy $35 of food but still.. GOOD DEAL. So they happen to have some for Birmingham to a new place by my house that I have heard amazing things about. It's called Vinny Vito's so I snagged one for there as well as a cajun restaurant that I love AND  couple of new sushi places.... YUM!

My aunt got a few for when we go to Vegas. At first I did not think any of the places that we had already planned on going to (yes, we have already planned our meals) but fortunately there were some. We even picked up a few just in case we change our minds, want a snack or few drinks. We got one to Hash House A Go Go and I am so excited... I hate breakfast foods in general but LOVE HASHBROWNS!

So after purchasing from (which I highly recommend) when you are checking out they give you the option of all these various other coupons... one of them was $10 gift certificate to

Fab website! First off, they have Jack Rogers on there! They have tons of other designer shoes. I purchased some tonight, and they gave me 10% off for becoming a new member. Awesome! So I ended up with about $20 in discounts (love me a good discount). I was given a code to share with all my friends and you can all get a $10 off too by following this link: Shoe Buy $10 off!

Please, go and buy shoes.... share with family and friends.


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