Friday, March 25, 2011

Footloose and Fancy Free Friday

Friday, sweet Friday! How I love you so!

I have literally been looking forward to this day all week after last weekend's rendevous in Nawlins. I have been dragging all week but luckily, I went to bed at 8:30 last night. I am so serious. I feel like a granny but, I was just exhausted. 

I always feel really FUNKY on Fridays ... So today I wore these (like I do on a lot of fridays)

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 My gold glitter Toms :) 

I am sitting here with my calendar trying to figure out what I am going to do in April. It's next week!!! Time flies when you are working (notice: I did not say "having fun"). I have a few things I need to do. I need to get to the beach and visit with my mom and grandma and go to Mullet Toss. I also need to visit Mobile!!! It's all down to figuring out the right weekends. I don't like to travel 2 weekends in a row... I get burnt out on all the driving!

When I said, Mullet Toss I was referring to THE MULLET TOSS at The Flora-Bama ... Ya know that bar/lounge thats half in Alabama and half in Florida? Where they "do it on the line"? 
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The event is just what it sounds like... tossing mullets. Mullet as in the fish, not the 1980's hair-do. They throw around these dead fish on the beach to see who can throw it the farthest. It has turned into a weekend long get-drunk-on-the-beach-fest. Beer + Crawfish + Sand + Sun = Several major sunburns in past experiences. In high school, I think I got sun poisoning one mullet toss weekend.

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It's pretty competitive and a super classy event. The Flora-Bama in general, just exudes class. I am being sarcastic but it's the funnest place to hang out! I started going there back in high-school (yeah, sneaking in...) and frequented there every time I have come home since I went to college. My mom is a regular... Sunday afternoons you are more than likely going to find my mom there. It's also one of those places you cannot go to without seeing someone you know.

If you ever make it to the Bama (as we locals like to call it) you must must must and I mean it is IMPERATIVE that you try the infamous Bama Bushwacker. As a drunken friend once described them "chocolatey goodness". But not too much chocolate. The 151 outweighs most of the chocolate taste to me. I had my first one at the Bama and it's so far been the best -- except my mom's. Hers are pretty tasty, just not as strong!

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It's sooooo good and will knock ya on your feet after a few. Just asked my mom, who after consuming ungodly amounts of these one evening convinced me to take her to McDonald's and then proceeded to asked why her chicken was in between two pancakes (those are buns, Mom). She later fell out of the car when we got home. Poor Cee. Not one of her finer moments. She looked like she had gotten in a bar fight the next morning. 

Anyone else doing anything super fun in April? Start planning! It's just days away!




Jules said...

The Mullet Toss sounds like a super fun event and how cool is it that the bar sits on Alabama AND Florida. I think I'd love one of those Bama Bushwacker drinks. The first thing I thought when I heard Mullet Toss was wigs on some sort. Dead fish is just as funny.

April should be a good month as it is finally time for vacation for me at the end of the month!

Your gold Toms are so sparkly and cute!

Shannon said...

I just love those "chocolately goodness" drinks!! Can't wait to consume a few of those at Mullet Toss. That is going to be another weekend to remember. Prepare yourself haha.

Loving those Toms!

If you come to the Mob we can make it an "all-inclusive" casino weekend haha

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