Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet My Little Love

I figured all of you had read enough and gotten to know me by now... it was time. Yes, time to introduce you to my child. I was quite astonished when just now I realized I had never posted any pics of her for y'all to see. She is the complete & total love of my life.

Meet my furbaby - Lexie!
Lexie is a Maltese (or Maltipoo, I am not 100% because I "adopted" her from an acquaintance and the girl has YET to give me Lexie's papers and I have had her a year EXACTLY!) 

She was napping here (even though it was night time). She is lazy and quite lethargic a lot of the time. Okay, she is down-right worthless sometimes! haha She is ROTTEN.

Okay, there's my girl with her eyes open -- ehhh, a little bit. She is thinking to herself "You woke me up, you will pay!" Again, my dog is lazy. All she does is sleep all day in my grandfather's lap. I don't let her stay at home alone (because we have carpet and Miss.Thang has the occasional accident) so I take her to my grandparents everyday. I call it "doggy day care" and they laugh. They love keeping her though.

She loves laying in her cute little bed. Funny story about the bed; I had never bought her a dog bed because she sleep with me every night and likes the couch during the day and afternoons but is normally in someones lap. Well, my grandparent were going out of town last week so 2 weeks ago I bought her this bed so she would have somewhere to lay cause I was going to keep her in the kitchen while they were at home.  Brought it home, set it down and put her in it. She LOVED it. Now whenever we can't find her -- we know where to look. This was one of the best $20 I have ever invested! 

This picture was actually taken this morning when we went out to potty. She was ticked at me cause it was cold out this morning -- therefore, no looking at the camera. I always dress her up everday. She has so many clothes! Today she was wearing a little chambray sundress with a flower on it (from Walmart - they have a line of the cutest dog clothes called LuLu Pink & Simply Dog). I admit, I have a posh pooch. She likes dressing up!

Okay, now y'all have met my Lexie Lu! I vow to put up some pics of her on here ASAP as soon as I figure out how I am going to get my blog set up. I want a custom layout, I think! Anyone know where to get one? On the cheaps? I NEED HELP DESPERATELY, IN ANYWAY. I am blog-tarded.


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