Friday, March 4, 2011

Frat-Tastic Friday

I am sitting here on a Friday night and all the sudden I am hankering for a beer. Lucky me, I had some Sweetwater Blue in the fridge. Yum!!!!! So now I am sitting here reading blogs, aimlessly, watching youtube videos. *Wishing* I was in Mob-Town hanging out with my friends, going to Mardi Gras Balls, Parades, Hitting up The Corner Bar and partying like a rock star!

Starting to drink, I am sipping and reminiscing on my sorostitute days (I get nostalgic when I drink) and thinking of frat guys and my days tailgating and hitting up the frat parties. Here is some frat-humor for all my fratties to enjoy!

 Check out Frat Boy Swag... got a nice rap beat, I def. would have pre-gamed to this

As a sorostitute pledge, my favorite song to dance to at swaps was... I know you see it - Yung Joc. Shout out to the G-Phi P/C of 06 for this one. I wish I knew how many times I did the I know you see it dance.

The truth is I miss frat parties, swaps, etc. Seriously the FUNNEST days of my life! I can't believe my sister will be a college freshman in  a little over a year. Boy, I wonder if she could have hung with me back in the day?? I hope not.... Talk about a girl who could party with the best of them and drink like a fish. Whew. I wonder sometimes how I made it out alive. 

Top 5 things that should have put me in a coma freshman year but THANKFULLY did not... 

1. AKL Hunch Punch (could not find a pic of a cooler full of pink hunch punch but this will suffice)

2. ZBT Open Bar (okay, it was not stocked with this nice of liquor but it was LIQUOR at a frat party so beggars can't be choosy, right?)

 3. Dave Matthews Band power hour. Would not be so bad except we played it for like 2 or 3 hours 

4. Late night Krystals.... enough SAID!

last but CERTAINLY not least....

5. Franzia, baby! Who didn't relish in a nice boxed wine in their college days. Let me tell you... Me and my friend, The Stacy would buy one of these for a night and we wouldn't stop until it was gone. 
That = Death.

Enough of the olden days.... it's making me tired just THINKING about how I use to throw down


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