Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have never won anything in my life

Literally, I have never won a contest, giveaway, nadda, zilch, nothing! But I refuse to let that get me down which is why I ALWAYS enter the giveaways on fellow blogs. Can't lose hope, riiight? ;)

So that being said .... How Sweet It Is is having a Tervis tumbler giveaway! 

I love love love Tervis. I have a lot. My initials, Alabama ones, sorority ones BUT I don't think there is such thing as too many. They are literally the best cup ever invented. I am no biased or anything, it's the only cup we had in our house for years!!! Just gonna say, I liked tervis BEFORE they were cool... My (ex) step-mom use to sell them in her store. I present to you my friends, an OLD SCHOOL Tervis Tumbler -- before they had the cute appliques, logos, etc on the inside most of them just had confetti or sequins in them 

So cute, huh? We still have some of these bad boys at home and at my grandma's house and I thoroughly intend on inheriting them... one day!

Also... Hoosier In Pearls is giving away a Smathers & Branson Key fob. I have been wanting a needlepoint key fob so badly. I want this one:

GOP all the way, baby. Plus I love elephants (have I said, Roll Tide lately?) But there are tons of other cute ones like this one:

Lastly-- Sweet Carolina Girl is giving away this cah-yute Lilly P. laptop bag. 

I want it!!!!!!!! hehe

I would be lying if I said I wanted everyone to go and enter these giveaways because that lowers my chances, haha. But you should check out those awesome blogs!! And go ahead, enter the giveaways -- not like I will win anyways 


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