Wednesday, August 17, 2011

While I run...

Since I stopped the running gig (temporarily) due to deathly and smoldering Alabama heats this summer I have since purchased an elliptical AND joined the gym at my office for a mere $21 & some change a month. There is no excuse and I repeat NONE why my hiney shouldn't be working it like I'm Missy Elliot everyday. 

Which reminds me, I should pack mah workout gear and go for a brisk walk while watching the soaps on my lunch break tomorrow. 

I WILL BE RUNNING THE SUSAN G. KOMEN RACE FOR THE CURE THIS OCTOBER, no freaking excuses. It will be lovely running weather and gives me time between now and then to start training... from the beginning. 

So to get me back in my workout routine I have started gathering inspiration from everywhere (blogs, twitter, magazines, radio, my sister, etc) and compiling a pretty bad-azz playlist to get my fitness on to. It's kinda random with some songs but for me to get a hard core workout in, I need songs that I like the beat. 

1. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
2. Who Says - Selena Gomez
3. Dog Days Are Over - Florence and The Machine
4. Lip Gloss - Lil Mama
5. Cat Daddy - The Rej3ctz
6. Good Life - One Republic
7. Let Me Take You Out - Bryan J.
8. Bow Chicka Wow Wow - Mike Posner
9. Teach Me How To Dougie - California Swag District
10.Don't Wanna Go Home - Jason DeRulo

Give me some more ideas! 

A couple weeks ago I ordered a Bondi Band... any of you use one? They are suppose to be awesome for running so I assumed working out in general as well. My hair is short so it never stays but but the Bondi Band seriously makes me look like a freak, not that I am trying to look modelish while getting a sweat on but still. Imagine my chubby face with all my hair slicked back and looking like I had no hair. Not cute, but I guess since it gets the job done -- aka keep hair away from face and sweat out of face... I will still use it. Any input on Bondi band? I will be sure to take a horrifying picture the first time I wear mine. It's black with a gold Fleur De Lis on it... Geaux Saints (and I just really like Fleur de lis). They had an Alabama one but it was ghetto looking. It said Roll Tide in times new roman or some generic font and I am not down with that (graphic designer obsessiveness comes in). 

 Now cold weather isn't for a while here in Sweet Home Alabama buuut I am starting to try and get some ideas for colder weather running gear. The few times I ran in the cold during late spring did not work out so well for me :'( so I am really not looking forward to this. Except finding cute clothes to wear whilst doing said running. I have heard awesome things about Lululemon! I am thinking about the Run Inspire or Run for your life crop pants.

Run Inspire Crop Pants

and totally digging these

Groove Crop Yoga Pants

Y'all on the NORM I would NEVER spend this much money on workout apparel but literally everyone talks about Lululemon so I need to know -- is it worth the moolah? 

I also feel as if I will need a new cap to wear. My old Alabama one has seen it's finer days since I purchase it in HIGH SCHOOL (that was over 5 years ago, freaky!)

 I see the cute Nike ones in Academy or I could just get a Vineyard Vines one or similar. 


Help me out :)


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm exactly like you. I normally would NEVER spend $85.00 on a pair of workout pants, but let me tell you, lululemon is totally worth it! I swear I live in my yoga pants and spandex shorts. They are the bomb! It's definitely an investment, but it's a worthy one.

Rachel McPhillips said...

I have a houndstooth bondi band- it looks like a do-rag on my head. I love my sweaty band more. It is little and stays put. I don't own lululemon, but I hear it's worth it!

Katie said...

I've waged the "to buy or not to buy" Lululemon battle with myself for a long time now, and the price tag of workout pants continues to win. HOWEVER, because I am a woman and believe that shopping has taught us all to justify just about anything we might think we need to purchase, I've made a deal with myself: when I hit my next weight loss goal, which is about 15 pounds from now, I'm buying the pants. Guilt, you are not invited to my pants-wearing party! I've heard that they're so worth the investment though :)

Jess said...

Let me know if you love the pants, I'm also on the fence!

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