Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer TV

I admit, Summer TV is odd.

All my norm shows are on a hiatus and the "summer" shows come back on. I am always sad to see Desperate Housewives take a break (which after this season will be a permanent break, insert sad face) but more than happy to welcome others.

Let's see we have my all time favorite Big Brother, which is what I am currently watching 3 nights a week. Let's talk BB. The season's dynamic duos and golden key was an interesting choice. I am going to talk about some key players. If I don't mention a HG then I probably don't think they are very important or relevant or have an opinion on them. sorry if I leave out one of your faves :)

Meet this season's houseguests minus Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Brendon

I was soo happy to see Jeff & Jordan back in the BB house. I love them, they are 2 of my fave Big Brother players since I started religiously watching -- I think it was season 8. America loves them. Everyone wants to be on Jeff and wants to be Jordan.

Jordan in her unitard. Unitards are infamous in the BB house. She won this one in this weeks POV competition. 

Jeff sans shirt. He is easy on the eyes, fa sho. 

Brenchel sucks. Brendon is dumb, Rachel is annoying. I can't stand to hear Brendon talk about his undying love for Rachel or how she is his heart. She obviously wasn't in his heart when he was having his skype affair. 

Meet Brenchel aka "The Ratings" for CBS

This season Brenchel had a BB wedding complete with trashbag tuxedo and wedding dress

Shelly is the ultimate game player/manipulator. Some people might not like her but she's playing the game well, until she gets caught and everyone hates her. She's a bit manly at times but I think she's overall playing a good game until this past week when she actually got caught in some of her lies. 

Sheldon and a puppy dog.

Dani.... I don't know what to say. Love her. Hate her. I am stuck. She plays a fiesty game that's for sure. Ironically the first season I really truly watched, enjoyed and watched the entire season was Daniele's first season in the BB house.

I feel like this is a classic Dani face

Porsche. Something about her, maybe it's her name, screams hooker/stripper. On the first episode when she says she didn't want everyone to be jealous that she was a VIP cocktail waitress and think her life was too luxurious, I died a little on the inside. Then I LOL'ed very loudly.

Adam. The sheer irony in this houseguest is insanely hilarious. He loves 90210, death metal and is a BB Super Fan. He had to wear an elf suit for a week. He is now sans the facial hair which looks mucho better.

Okay, theres my Big Brother spill. Expect more the rest of the summer!!!!

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Seashells and Southern Belles said...

do you think that CBS was totally in control on Brendan coming back in the house?? There is no way he really won over Dom... and I freaking love Jeff and Jordan, what you said about them is so true, haha

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