Monday, August 29, 2011


This past week I started thinking about prioritizing things. I though about all the things just in the past year I have said I was going to do or even thought about and did not do yet. I realized I was a complete slacker.

After beating myself up over being a total slacker, I took the initiative. I have started making a list of things that I want NEED {and a few wants} to do before the end of 2011.

They are as follows:

1. Study for the GRE
2. Take the GRE
3. Apply to graduate school for the spring {part-time for now}
4. Run the Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure
5. Take yoga classes
6. Get out of my comfort zone.
7. Read more books
8. Blog More!

Ready. Set. GO! I am ready to tackle this list.... I am doing some revisions to my bucket list. Expect a post soon.


Leslie said...

Good luck! :)

Jessica said...

I think blogging is a great way to be accountable for things you want to accomplish. What do you want to study in graduate school?

Catherine said...

great idea!

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