Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Dixieland Delight

You know it's 4th quarter in Bryant Denny Stadium when you hear Dixieland Delight.

I can't believe football season starts Saturday. Time flies, I feel like I was just at the Iron Bowl a couple months ago.

Before we get into the thick of football season I wanted to take a little time to give you the tour of Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is not your normal college town. It is dripping with history, tradition and  most importantly southern charm. There is something in the air, whether you are on Bryant Drive, The Strip or University Boulevard that makes you want to stay... stay forever.

It undoubtably has everything any other college town has to offer, and so much more.

Bryant Denny

Denny Chimes

Walk of Champions

Nick Saban Statue

The Quad

The Quad on Game Day

{It's so fun but insane crowded at times especially when everyone gathers to hear the Million Dollar Band play. Covered in people and covered in tents!}

Million Dollar Band

{they are called the Million Dollar Band because at a time in history the football team wasn't worth squat but the band was so amazing so they said the band was worth a million dollars}

These are just some of my favorite traditions in Tuscaloosa. I am ready so for the Tide to Roll on Saturday. I am prepared for a fantastic game day even though I will not be attending the game {it's too hot! it's one of the couple of home games I will not be at}

I apologize in advance for all the football related posts in weeks to come. If you don't like football -- I am sorry. Also to any Auburn fans I might have following me, let's refrain from distasteful comments and play nicely. I will do the same in return.

It is super important in a football crazed state to remember this during football season:
 Keep It Classy, Alabama and ROLL TIDE ROLL!


Rachel McPhillips said...

Roll TIDE!!!

Texas Tanners said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE - nothing better than some Alabama football!! All I need to go with the game is some Dreamland and Milo's Sweet Tea? Can you send some to Texas please?!

Brittany said...

I can't wait! Roll Tide!! :)

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