Saturday, August 13, 2011

Couponing with Lindsey!

So yes, this post is going to be about couponing. Brace yourself! I have never done a post on one of my favorite hobbies so here we go...

(I feel like I finally have some topics to blog about :) Maybe my posts won't be too far and in between for awhile now.)

Okay, back to couponing. As I have stated many times via my blog, facebook, twitter, etc I love couponing and was what my dad called "addicted" a while back (I don't believe in addiction so I just think I simply enjoyed it, very much).

For awhile I was solely couponing to help Tornado victims and donated all of my loot. Then I realized I was getting things for practically free that I could use personally. So then I started keeping and stocking up on things that I knew I would need. Mainly tolietries because they have the best coupons and also men's tolietries as well and passed them along to my dad and grandfather (they were free so I could be nice!).

Well now I am trying to implement couponing into things that I really need (and things that I need to stock up up) and make it more worthwhile and beneficial for myself and my aunt (whom I live with). Not having to buy toothpaste since like April has been really nice, same with having a drawer full of body washes and shaving creams. But I want to start getting other things we really need, if not for free, then at a cheaper price!

I went to CVS the other day and this was my haul for $22 and some change and I also got back $8 in Extra Care Bucks 

This week CVS has a promo going on where if you buy $30 of specific items you get a $10 gas card in return, which is what I am trying to get but also do it wisely and only get things that are needed and will not go to waste. Fortunately these items included the Cheerios (2/$5), the special K/Nature Valley Bars (2/$5) as well as the toothpaste (3/$5). We needed all 3 of these things (even the toothpaste cause we were running low!!!)

Everything I bought I had a coupon for and even had store and manufacturer coupons for some things. For example, the maybelline falsies mascara. It was bogo 50% off and I had 2  $1 off any Maybelline product (manufacturer coupon) and then the magic coupon machine at the front of CVS spit me out the "mystery" beauty coupon for this week and it was $1 a Maybelline or Almay product so I was able to get another $1 off. I also went on the P&G Website and wrote them telling them how much I apparently love Covergirl and they sent me a free coupon for any covergirl product which I used on the covergirl mascara and eyeliner duo (I found the most expensive covergirl product that I knew I would be able to use).

I also break up my coupons into a few transactions so that I am able to use the $4 of $20 purchase coupons that I always get on my receipts!

I feel like I am blabbing a bunch of non-sense to those who don't coupon, don't care or want to learn about couponing but I wanted to share some bargains. Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions if you would like some couponing help. I can't guarantee that I will quickly respond buuuut I will try to within the next millenium (kid kid).

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