Sunday, August 14, 2011

Toms Time

 A lot of people REALLY do not like Toms. They aren't the most attractive style of shoe, I admit. But IMO, they look cute with a pair of skinny jeans. They are also fun and let's admit it's the only style shoe you can get away with in a glittery or funkadelic print. I often wear mine (gold glitter) on casual fridays at work with jeans. I am thinking about investing in a new pair. 

I wanted a leopard pair when those first came out and then I procrastinated til I could no longer get them anymore. Now to my surprise:

Pink Leopard Toms, I am in love!

These new ones are also really cute -- 
Houndstooth just in time for football season but there is almost too much white, agree? I don't like houndstooth prints where there is just as much white was black. They would probably get super dirty.

Who rocks Toms ? Who hates them? Tasteful or Tacky? I think they are just fun!


rDe said...

I love Toms! As long as their worn casually. I wouldn't get the houndstooth ones, because I agree that they would get dirty.

XO -Becca

Anonymous said...

I was very reluctant but I got silver glitter Toms and like them ok! I do not wear them a lot but when I want to be a little edgier I wear them!

Amber said...

I love Toms. :] I want a new pair too!

Lacey said...

I love them, and I got the Houndstooth ones this weekend, I worry about the amount of white and them getting dirty, but the lady at the store said you can wash them in the washing machine? Who knew, I guess if they get too bad I'll try it, but they are insanely cute in person!

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