Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am in desperate need of a new camera! I need to get back to documenting my life :)

Mine is almost 3 years old (I know that's not old but the picture quality seriously bites, I have no clue why I thought it use to take such great pics?) and I am ready to upgrade.

I need a camera that has all of these qualities: 
compact enough to fit in a purse - I'd like a Nikon D40 or a Canon Rebel to take fantastic photos with but let's face it, my purse is heavy enough and most aren't big enough for this size camera. I don't need to tote a camera bag around. I would feel like a bag lady
takes quality pictures - this speaks for itself. So many point and shoot cameras produce horrible quality pictures that aren't worthy of facebook or twitter much less my blog.
not too pricey - as a struggling post-grad with a job in the economic recession, I need to keep the cost friendly. Let's say in the $200 range? I just know there is little to NOTHING for less than that. My crap camera I have now cost almost that much.

I am open to any and all suggestions. Help me out, blog friends! I trust you with all kinds of advice so hit me with your best shot. What kinds of cameras do you all use?


LC said...

I've had my eye on the Canon PowerShot D10 for a while...a lot of my fellow photog friends have recommended it as a great point & shoot camera! You can find it on Amazon-

Amber said...

I have the Canon PowerShot SX120-IS and I love it! Seriously.. it takes the best pictures. I have no complaints and it's not too heavy to carry in your purse. They have a new version of this camera out now and it's the SX130 and it has a 12x optical zoom as opposed to my 10x optical zoom. Just look at like and it has it there!

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