Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fall Lilly Must Haves!

Something about Lilly Pulitzer and Fall doesn't go together, but the genius designers seem to pull it off.

I can take some of it and I can certainly leave some of it. Cute stuff and some so so.

However, Lilly has a leopard print and all is right in this world according to Mwah.

I have acquired a list of things I want. I already have my fall list ready before Summer has even gone on sale! I plan on hitting the summer online sale up, I do I do.

Let's get started on my wish list...

Starting with accessories because they are super fun.

Tusk Tusk Cuff - perf for football season

Skinny Bow Belt - adore! 
I love bows, almost as much as leopard print.

Now to the necessities

Cassie Slub in Cameo White Thrill Of The Chaise

Sadie Dress in Skye Blue Thrill of The Chaise

Cissy Skirt in Bright Navy Break a Leg

Kelsi Dress in Standing Ovation 

This Christy Shirt Dress is on my sister's  list

So many more I really like that are not available online but I have seen in trunk show pictures and seen in the fall catalog. As far as the murfees go, I am so far NOT IMPRESSED! Sooo sad too, cause I love scarves! What fall styles are my fellow Lilly lovers leaning towards?

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Miss Lindsay said...

I agree that I can take some leave some... in the warmer months it's another story. But I just love the shirt dresses!

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