Thursday, February 10, 2011

That's worth HOW MUCH?

My love of antiques, old crap, whatever you want to call it has grown immensely. I love watching shows like Antiques road show, American pickers, etc. They have made me want to start "antiquing" or collecting stuff. What I really want is to dig through some of my grand parents or aunts old stuff and find something worth some money! Fat chance, I know. I just find it so intriguing how these people buy stuff at yard sales, find something in their parents attic, inherit stuff from relatives and then it turns out this stuff they thought was crapola is really worth thousands of dollars. It is also cool to see all the really old things and crazy stuff on there, too.  I probably inherited these guilty pleasures from my dad... who got me hooked on Antiques road show at a young age. And my aunt, who loves antiques and going to antique malls. 
Santa Claus getting his lion statue appraised on Antiques Road Show
Got to love watching Mike, Frank and Danielle hunting down stuff all across America!

Maybe I am just obsessed with junk and stuff but I have recently developed a fascination with pawn shop shows like Hard Core Pawn and Pawn Stars. Seriously, this is all from my Dad (Thanks, Glen). I really really want to start even GOING to Pawn shops an looking for stuff. Apparently from what I have seen on tv you can get some good stuff at pawn shops. (am I really saying this out loud? no, blogging does not count as out loud). I think I am desperately searching for a hidden treasure of any kind! 

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