Monday, February 28, 2011


Everyone has a celebrity crush... Me, well I have a few! I think every girl secretly pines for the unreachable.

 First and foremost, there is something you should know about my taste in men before I reveal my super celeb crush lists. I swoon for a good dork. I also swoon for the tall and skinny. I also like the mysterious kind of dark type. I melt for a baby face. I admittedly have a "physical type". I guess the personalities can range but mostly the personalities are kind of dorky too (not too dorky though, we aren't talking Erkle). 

Here we go let's work our way up to the top...

5. coming in 5th but certainly not last is Mr. John Mayer! Hottie Mc Hot Hot does not begin to describe his mysteriousmess and his amazingly talented voice. Overall he's Grade A. 

4. Shia Labeouf ... This is not the Shia you know from Even-Stevens. This Disney star turned "bad boy" makes me wanna LA LA. No really, he's got the mysteriousness but still a little bit dorky. 

3. Hello, Handsome. Holy Hayden Christiansen. Reminds me of James Dean (who would make the top 5 celeb crush: I'm Dead but still hot version, btw. Which gives me an idea for a latter blog !) He kind of has a baby face, too. Super super sexy! Jumper is also one of my fave movies.

2. Jessie Eisenberg. He's dorky and jewish. What more should I say? Well in all reality, he is so cute... kind of has a baby face too, and ultimately reminds me of my number 1 celeb crush. which brings me to... *drum roll please*

1. Michael Cera..... *swoons* He is the perfect combination... dorky, baby face, tall, skinny and seemingly overall nice guy (note: I have never met him but I am sure he's all that and a bag of potato chips). He is ALSO Canadian which is pretty cool. I would totally bang him. 

There you go, you know the key to my heart! 

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