Monday, February 21, 2011

Lovely in Lilly !

 Lilly has some GREAT Spring/Summer looks.... here are a few of my favorites! 

I love this print. Okay, I lied. I am obsessed with the "Optical Confusion" is so perfectly Paisley and I love paisley. Also the colors... so vibrant and bright. Just a fun fun print!

Adorable is the only word for these shoes. Gold + Silver = so hot and the ruffles are so girly. I love ruffles. Number 2 favorite feminie flair (second only to bows).

I love the style of this top. Once again the print, too! It's loose but not too loose and fitted in the right places.

I love this style dress, the "Anders Dress" has a Kimono look. I also love the bright vibrant print, "Booty Caw". Some of these Lilly looks that I am digging are a little different than the traditional Lilly pastel prints. I like going out on a limb. Lilly has done this right!

This dress is gorgeous! Pretty colors and awesome detailed embellishments. Too bad it is almost $400.

And my favorite for last! I love Navy (mostly because I am a blonde). I am also a fan of the nautical look. This dress also looks comfortable and could be worn dressed down or dressed up. It is on the list! I also think that this would be flattering on my figure.

Alright, Lilly Lovers! Any one else have any favorites?

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