Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bieber Fever...

Who else has it?

Me and the rest of my "20-something" friends have come down with a pretty bad case. It's safe to say that the 16 year old heart throb is serious eye candy. Not just in the looks department but his moves aren't bad either! Is this illegal for me to say ?

He was looking quite studly the other night at the Grammy's dressed in ALL WHITE. Dayum, Biebs. 

I am not going to lie to all my followers and say that NEVER SAY NEVER is not on the top of my "To See" list... What can I say? Guilty pleasure. I heard it was excellent and  inspirational. Pssh, excuses! ;) Let's just get to it.... I want some of the super cool 3-D glasses. 

I am even finding myself a LITTLE BIT jealous of Selena Gomez. The who is now claiming the Biebs are her new beau. Don't get me wrong I love Selena and think she is precious as can be and actually probably a good match for JB but there is still an inkling of jealousy in here. C'mon we are talking about JUSTIN BIEBER here.

This post is dedicated to the 9 year old me who pined over Zac Hanson for years and even made up a fake fan club for him just so I could tell my stepsister that she could not be a member because we were in fact, at quota. To all the pre-teen/ teeny boppers out there ... NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!

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