Friday, February 10, 2012

My new gLee obsession

So it's not a secret to those who know me well and/or follow me on twitter that I love Glee. It's also not a secret that I am obsessed with Mike Chang (real life, Harry Shum) and his awesome dance moves.

Well move over, Mike. I have a new Glee love interest (ok, don't move over completely just a bit to make room) and his name is Damien McGinty aka Rory on the show. Damien is one of the 2 co-winners of the Glee project. Who was suppose to win 7 episode appearances but is already in 10.

He is precious, like a little lamb. Did I mention he is Irish? Well, he is and has the cutest accent. Cue the swoon.

I got the newest Glee cd the other day at Tar-jay and can't stop listening to number 7, which is him singing "Take care of yourself". I would like for him to serenade me day and night. Would you like proof that his voice is swoon worthy?

I'm going to tweet him this blog post and pray to the heavens that he replies back.

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