Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My reality tv obsession...

If you are new around here then you probably don't know about my unhealthy obsession with reality television. If you are not new, then you already know about this and have probably suggested a 12 step program.

Summer is a fantastic time for some good ole fashioned reality tv.

Like we ALREADY know - Big Brother is my summer favorite and occupies 3 nights of my week. This summer Big Brother got off to a very slow start (am I right or am I right, BB fans?) but has now turned interesting - I am not going to share because most will find out tonight or tomorrow night. I already know because I read the feeds and spoilers. Yes, I am one of THOSE people. I have decided who are my faves and my non-faves for this season of BB, atleast for now these are the standings.

Love: Wil

Love: Britney (duh, loved her then and love her now!)

Dislike: Danielle
*i feel like this needs explaining since she is a fellow Bama girl. I think she is annoying and kind of needy. I would obviously make the better BB houseguest.

Unsure about: Everyone else.....

Mike Boogie is fairly entertaining and I like his alliance with former "team" Frank and Ian. Jenn is like non-existant in the house, who is she? I never see her! Janelle is sadly nearing the end and Dan is like BFF with Danielle which makes him annoying in my book.  Ashley is dumber than a bag of rocks - which may work to her advantage. Joe needs anger management. Did I cover everyone in this sub-par season of BB14?

There is another show that I haven't missed an episode of this year and I am seriously addicted to. Bachelor Pad. I love the entire Bachelor franchise but BP takes it to a whole new level. This season is a bit different since they (the former Bach/Bachelorette contestants) were competing with the super fans.

Meet my Bachey Pad crush that sadly went home last week...

Mr. Hunk of Burnin' Love, Reid Rosenthal (via)

Has anyone else noticed Chris Bukowski's extreme arrongance on BP?

It's borderline insane and I am NOT digging him anymore. (pic via)

Am I the ONLY ONE tired of Erica Rose?

It's about time her and her tiara retired from the Bachelor franchise (pic via)

Other than that, David (the super fan) is totally ruling the game. Lindzi is apparently in love with jerks as she has hooked up Kalon (Emily's season) as a rebound from Ben. It's a giant love fest with hook ups left and right... Jaclyn and Ed, Ed and Sarah, Rachel and Michael Stagliano... the list could go on. I guess they aren't all these just to find money... true love in the future for these contestants? Doubtful. Jamie will still cry everytime Chris rejects her and nothing has changed since Ben's season because VIP Cocktail Waitress Blakeley is STILL psycho. That's all so far... ready for some  more interesting drama!

Do any of you watch my guilty pleasures? Please give me your thoughts!


A Simple Southern Life said...

Haha, I'm laughing out loud. You nailed Bachelor Pad to a t. I cannot stand Erica or Chris!! They would be my first vote out. I'm loving the new Michael and Rachel fling. I also love Lindzi and wish she had fallen for someone other than Kalon! He's so rude!

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