Thursday, August 2, 2012

Football Season Prep - Part 1

Good day friends and followers! Today is Part 1 of a series I am starting to prep myself for football season. Can you believe it is just right around the corner?

Not only am I getting myself ready for football season this year but also my sister. She will be at Alabama in the fall and I am loving helping her get her football season wardrobe together! I am going to break the posts down into categories - shoes, accessories, clothes, etc. so that it's not just one HUGE post. Today's post is going to be about the perfect shoes for every Bama girl.

I love these Red Monica Cork Wedges from Diane E. Kelly


These pewter ostrich flats with Elephant Brooch from Diana E. Kelly are really cute and perfect for when the weather gets colder and you need a closed toe. 

Stephen Bonnano can even do custom shoes with houndstooth fabric like these...
Houndstooth with black whipstitch

Houndstooth with red whipstitch AND a monogram!

Can't wait to see all of your football season posts. Is everyone ready for football season? 

I know I am, Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

STOP IT!! I'm loving the first pair - I have an obsession for elephants for obvious reasons, rotide! Those are too cute! I got chills thinking about football season - only a month away!!

lauren | keys to anywhere said...

I'm sooo excited for it to start! I'm a bama fan from the north haha!

Gracie Beth said...

I will be wearing ORANGE. Girl you should see the things I bought. I bought stuff at the New Year's Cheer sale in Jan to wear to football!

Emily Anne Pride said...

I'm ready and am doing a series of posts about gameday soon. Be sure to check them out!

Whitney of Washington said...

While I'm not a Bama fan (TN girl deep in my heart) I can appreciate the love of SEC football and ESPECIALLY elephants. Super cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

Indian Wedding Planner said...

Love the first pair.. the red straps and the elephant motif.. oh so cute! nice post.

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