Saturday, June 16, 2012

Secret Single Behavior.

Secret single behavior. It's kind of like a guilty pleasure but probably worse. While watching at old episode of Sex and The City it occured to me that this would probably something pretty interesting to write about. I mean, everyone has SSB's right? Urban Dictionary even defined SSB as "an action or habit that one indulges in only when alone."

In the episode, the girls talked about their SSB's. Charlotte and her crazy pore examinations in the mirror. Moment of truth -- that (or something similar) is one of my secret single behaviors. 

I imagine some of these behaviors are worse than others and some might not be so secret behavior. I mean, all of my friends know about my face examining obsession but would I ever let a guy I was dating know about this crazy obsession? Maybe that is the distinction, something you do that you would never want a guy to know?

Feel free to confess your secret single behaviors... 

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