Friday, June 15, 2012

Nauti(cal) Summer!

I mentioned the other day my love for this years Lilly Pulitzer summer line. Oh, I do! I can't wait for the Endless Summer Sale and hoping there will be some summer.

Here are a few of the things that I have determined are wants needs.

Delia Dress in Ahoy There! How cute are the rings around the bottom

Flor dress in Oh Buoy! I am loving strapless for once, I tried the Flor on and definitely need it

Kori Dress in Hey Sailor (this is my fave print from the summer!)

Libby dress in Bright Navy Sparkle glow, or maybe the callahan shorts but I love this print because it really glows in the dark! How cool is that? I love glow in the dark!

Thandie Tunic, Chiquita Bonita - I think? I love this tunic and it has little sparkly threads sewn into it. Love sparkles and love tunics. So classic Lilly!

This is really only a few of the things I still want from shipments. There are some super cute shifts as well as some terry Cassie dresses that I am dying to try on. Of course, let's hope a lot of this is on sale at the end of the summer, fingers crossed!

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Turtles and Pearls said...

Love the Flor and the Thandie! I have been SO good and haven't purchased a single thing from summer, but my self-control is running thin...

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