Friday, June 29, 2012


Have you heard of The Cruisey? Let me fill you in...

It's no secret I am coozie obsessed and have way too many (and always have one on me incase I was to enjoy a cold beverage). So when I found out about the Cruisey, I was over the top excited!

Meet "The Cruisey"

In short, the cruisey is a coozie that you can wear around your neck. Perfect for a day on the boat or even just hanging around. Convenient, eh?

But with many colors and phrases to choose from the cruisey is SO MUCH FUN. I even gave my mom one for her birthday -- she loved it. My sister and her friend hopped on the cruisey train, too.

My favorite?

Are any of you cruisey lovers?


Gracie Beth said...

I need a woozie!

Bre said...

Love this!!! Might have to get one!!

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