Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Number 3 never felt better!

I am finally going to break down and talk about Saturday's game.

it was a mess. Everyone knew it was going to come down to a three point difference, that a mere field goal would separate the winner and the loser. But no one truly anticipated that there would be nothing but field goals for 4 quarters and on into overtime.

I am not here to talk crap about those cajuns or to bash my own team. If we had scored every opportunity we had, we would have won that game. But we didn't ... simple as that. I wouldn't really say so much that LSU won but that Alabama lost. We only fell to #3 and the end is not here yet. We need to beat the heck out of Miss State, Georgia Southern and Auburn to keep our place.

The crowd was there and I am positive Bryant Denny was the loudest stadium in the country. I sat in the South Zone (which is right behind the student section) and let me tell ya, they say you look over into the student section and "remember when" and that statement never felt so true on Saturday night. I saw a sea of shakers shaking in perfect unision every single time the Million Dollar Band played the fight song. I saw thousands of middle fingers (so not classy, but when it's drunk frat boys what can you expect?). I heard the apparently loud chant of "F YOU Mathieu". Oh, and then I saw students cry. But the night must roll on...

It was a sad loss but Tuscaloosa was still rocking like any other night. LSU fans roamed the streets graciously without a peep! With all due respect, they were the most well behaved I had ever seen. I did not hear one cajun talking smack at the bar on Saturday night. Bama fans celebrated the fact that even though we lost, we still stood a chance at a rematch and possibly a Sugar Bowl.

At the end of the day, when it's all said and done, we are still the Crimson Tide and that's good enough for me.

Started the day off early with my little girl.
She was ready for the tide to roll and wore her houndstooth sweater.

The student section. I swear there is no place like it.

Tailgating in true Bama fashion... Motorhomes

Me and My sister at the game!

Linking this up with the Belles of Saturday :) It might be a day late, Roll Tide anyways!
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Sarah Elizabeth said...

that was such a huge game and I was def pulling for bama-so sad to see them lose! Love all the pictures you look super cute!! and I agree there is nothing like the student section at a college football game ha

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am dying to get back ti the South to experience college football! I went to my first game and it was UT vs. LSU (we also lost to LSU!). So much fun!

Brittany said...

I was so nervous the whole time, but like you said.. we would have easily won that game if we would have not missed those field goals! We had so many missed opportunities :( I am so glad we are #3. We just need Ok. State and Standford to lose and of course we need to win out and I think a rematch could easily happen :)

The Blonde @ Stylish3 said...

So sad to see Bama lose, but I'm hopeful that we'll end the season strong.

Cute gameday outfits!

Jesslyn Amber said...

Well said! ROLL TIDE.
Crossing my fingers for a rematch.

The Belles of Saturday said...

Thanks for linking up with us!! Love those pants! It was a very interesting, mega-defensive game!!

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