Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Martha Side

I try really really hard at some things. 

One of those things just so happens to be my desserts. The other happens to be crafts.

We have an annual silent auction at my work to raise money for our christmas charities. We auction off mainly baked goods. 

I make a layer cake last year that might have been 70% icing. Ooops. This year I decided to make oreo truffles which are soooooo easy. No baking or anything. COOL, right? I knew how to make them but was inspired when I saw them on pinterest. I decided I wanted to make them into oreo truffle pops and VOILA!

Add some ribbon and a mason jar and we have a oreo truffle pop bouquet. I thought this was much cuter than just putting them in a container. 

I also did another pinterest project this weekend. My dad has a Christmas party coming up for one of the men's organizations he is in. I took over the table decor for 20 tables. This was my pinspiration.

Frosted vases that will have silver and gold foliage coming from them. Will update when finished!

And that my friends is all the Martha Stewart I can do for a couple of days!


Michelle P said...

Very cute!

miss andrea lee said...

So cute! I'm excited to do some crafts I've seen on pinterest too!

Lindsey said...

oh can't wait to see the finished product! Love myself a good DIY project.

southernsomedays.blogspot.com said...

Isn't it fun to be Martha for a day? That woman has my dream job!

kourtney said...

Great job! I love the oreo truffle pops! Cute idea!!

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

Those oreo truffles do look easy! Looooove me some pinterest.

Lindsay said...

so cute! i love to bake also...and i love love making oreo truffles!

Portuguese Prepster said...

so cute! and I'm sure delicious too!

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