Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Magical Wedding

In my brief blogging absence over the past few months I forgot to tell you that one of my best friends, Ashley got engaged! I am very happy for her and Scott!  Oh, and the rock is gorgeous.

Ashley asked me to be a bridesmaid and OF COURSE I said YES! I do have a Bridesmaid resume. I think I am getting pretty good at this "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" thing.

So I know you must be wondering the deets. The wedding  will be in 2013… March…. I think that’s all. Kidding. Surely you must be wondering where she is getting married at, right?


Yes, she is getting hitched at the happiest place on earth and having a fairytale wedding! We are all heading down to Orlando, Florida for 7 days of fun-filled wedding mayhem - and good times at the parks, too!

The ceremony will be at Sea Breeze Point

The reception at St.James Hall

I am literally so excited I just can't hide it! I love Disney and I am so excited to spend the one of the most special day of Ashley's life with her at the happiest place on earth. I am sure I will have so much to fill you in on after the wedding. It is going to be gorgeous and I can't wait. My next goal is after the wedding get her featured on the Disney wedding blog!


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Savanah said...

that will be SO.MUCH.FUN!!! I'm all for the destination weddings!

Amber said...

I want to go oh so bad.

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Indian Wedding Planner said...

Wedding at Disneyland! Wow.. that would be so much fun..

Events in India said...

Oh what a beautiful diamond for the engagement! Love the colour and the cut of this beautiful rock.. Cheers and god bless the couple..

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