Monday, July 16, 2012

Bachelorette and Big Brother

 I must be in some sort of heaven because two of my favorite reality tv shows are on right now. My all-time favorite, Big Brother and the irrestible Bachelor Franchise's Bachelorette!
Tonight is the "Men tell all" episode of the Bachelorette and I am sure there is going to be some words between some of the guys... Mainly centered around this one

This years super obnoxious jerk Kalon - gotta have atleast one!

I am also a huge Emily fan so this season has been one of my favorites. Now that Emily has weeded it down to two guys I am eager to see who she picks. She has made it very clearly how physically attracted she is to Arie but she pictures herself at home with Ricki with Jef. So personally, I want Emily to pick Jef! I just think he is so sweet.

Ok, so he NEEDS  hair cut but seriously - he is beyond precious. I think it's so great that he is not afraid to be himself. The first night when he skateboarded in - I never in a million years thought Emily would keep him past the first night but here he is in the final two!

LOOK AT THAT ^ Wowzaaaa. Can we say Jef meets James Dean in those aviators??

Moving on to Big Brother

Meet the BB 14 Cast! See any familiar faces? If you are a BB Junkie then you should see four of them! Britney, Janelle, Dan and Mike Boogie are all back this season to mentor the players and play for their own $100k prize.

If you know me then you know this is my fav fav favey show. I also went to a BB casting call last year. I am addicted and dedicated to becoming a BB house guest. So I was a little upset when I found out house guest Danielle Murphree was from Alabama. My first thoughts were, "that coulda been me!!!" So I am still a little bitter about that, CBS! Anyway with a house full of interesting characters... I am sure this season is going to be full of drama!

Danielle Murphree, of Tuscaloosa Ala. (picture)

I have not decided who my BB season 14 favorites are yet but I will say I love Willie (Hantz) who is Survivor winner, Russell Hantz's brother. I also love all four of the mentors (Good Job, CBS). I love the fact that between the mentors, Janelle was Britney's favorite and Boogie was Dan's favorite. It's kind of like the mentors are mentoring the other mentors (from newer seasons) as well! I also like the fact that they brought back two people, Boogie and Janelle, who had a little bit of a past. Seeing as how Boogie sent Janelle out of the BB All Stars house. The producers are always mixing things up!

Any of you watch BB or Bachelorette? Do you think there will be more twists this summer on BB? Who do you want Emily to say "YES" to? I am not quite ready for the Bachelorette to be over but I am looking forward to Bachelor Pad!

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A Simple Southern Life said...

I'm watching The Bachelorette Men Tell All right now. Kalon is the worst guy to walk the face of the earth I have decided haha. Jeff is precious! I still love Sean though ): I'm hoping he's the next Bachelor!

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