Friday, March 23, 2012

Bonkers for Bonnanos

I'm a shoe gal. Only on the days I am not a purse girl or jewelry nut. I take that back... I love anything and everything you can wear, tote or carry. I also love fancy schmancy electronics and home decor. I really like anything that cost money and you can put into a shopping bag. There... I said it.

Anyways, since it is practically Summer already. Y'all know I love a good sandal. Wear them EVERY DAY during the Spring, Summer and even Fall. I am especially crazy about ones with lots of color! And in this case...  fun prints!

Classic. Timeless. Never goes out of style... yes, Stephen Bonnanos (I love my Jacks too though)! I seriously love my Bonnano sandals. Here are some I can't get enough of. Or rather my closet would like every single pair in it's possession. Santa better be reading! I've been a goooooood girl ;) (so what, Christmas is like 9 months away... Christmas in July, duh!)

OH. MY. GOSH. I die. I need these for gameday!

Then I die again. Need some houndstooth Bonannos asap.

The Nephrite and White color combo is a perfect beachy color. Makes me think of sea foam!

and of course le traditional perfect color combo ~ Pink and Green! 

Did someone say monogram? I love these! I really like the orange and gold colors together and then monogram adds to it. Love!

And these! Although not colorful or printed -- I love the color combo. So classy and chic. I think these colors go with everything!

If any of you have these color combos, I am jealous. If anyone is wondering -- I wear a size 8.5 and my address is... Just kidding! Do any of you have a color you are wanting? Or are you like me - basically want them all?


Portuguese Prepster said...

I am dying for a monogrammed pair!

designchic said...

Loving the monogrammed ones too!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm like you I def want them all!!!! Gorgeous and I'm dying over the monogrammed ones..duh!

Sarah said...

I love these! They look so great with everything.

Miss Lindsay said...

You MUST get the first pair!! LOVE!!!

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

The first pair is def perfect for you and your Alabama pride!! Which came out first those or JRs?? I need to do some history research, haha

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